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Colin Kaepernick camper provides great touchdown celebration [Video]

Last weekend, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick conducted a football camp in San Francisco at St. Ignatius College Preparatory. Over the weekend, I posted some pictures from the event. I added some video in after the fact, but figured it would be fun to pull the video out for its own post. The video above features a kid catching a touchdown from Kap, and then celebrating with some dance moves.

Kap also took part in a Q&A with the kids. Media were on hand, but there was also a separate session with just the kids. You can check out a transcript of a portion of the comments HERE. There are some softball questions, but even the kids asked Kap about Vernon's holdout. It's safe to say Vernon's holdout is going to be the hot topic for most of the next month. If that is the only such topic of discussion between now and July 23, I think most of us can live with that. It will grow tiresome, but we'd all prefer to avoid the alternative.