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World Cup 2014: Time for USA vs. Germany!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We're back with another World Cup thread, for what is one of the biggest matches in US soccer history. The USMNT faces off against Germany in a pretty huge group stage match. The winner claims the group, and a probable Round of 16 matchup with Algeria or Russia. If the two sides tie, Germany claims the group, and the US will head into the second round for a likely matchup with Belgium.

The loser of USMNT-Germany advances depending on the outcome of Ghana-Portgual, which will be taking place at the same time. There are a huge number of scenarios for the US to advance if they lose to Germany. To keep it somewhat simple, if Ghana and Portugal tie, the US advances. If Ghana wins, it would come down to goal differential. The US currently has a +1 differential, while Ghana is -1. That means, a Ghana 1-0 win and US 1-0 loss would then send it to most goals scored overall. If that is even, the US advances because of their win in the group stage. If Portgual beats Ghana, it would come down to a larger goal differential, as Portgual is at -4. If they swung that, it would go to most goals scored, and then there would be a drawing of lots since they tied in the group stage.

But forget any of that goal differential nonsense. If the US can win or tie, it won't matter. A win would set up a more reasonable Round of 16 matchup, but at this point, advancing into the knockout stage is all that matters.

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