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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers will cut the ribbon to open Levi's Stadium on July 17, and host their first event on August 2, when the San Jose Earthquakes face Seattle Sounders FC. One of the slightly important keys to any good sporting event is alcohol. Sure we need grass, stands, hot dogs and so much more, but we also need beer.

Well, here's your first shipment of beer to Levi's Stadium!

According to Roger Hacker, that is a shipment of Bud Light. They are the official malt beverage partner of the 49ers, so there will be plenty of Bud Light if that's your choice. Fortunately there will be plenty of premium options available as well. According to Mike Rosenberg, tentative beer prices are $10.25 for a 16 oz domestic or 12 oz premium. I'm doing some research of my own to confirm the prices of beer and other things. In the meantime, the beer is here!