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CFL institutes rule allowing for challenges of pass interference calls and non-calls

The CFL has quickly moved ahead of the NFL in improving the challenge system. The CFL is now going allow coaches to challenge pass interference calls and non-calls.


The Canadian Football League is taking an important step forward this season in improving their on-field football product. Coaches will now be able to challenge pass interference calls and non-calls with their usual allotment of challenges. By non-calls, it means that if the coach believes pass interference should have been called, he can throw a challenge flag.

The NFL has slowly expanded its challenge system, but it is still far from perfect. The league allows for challenges on things like turnovers and scores, which makes sense given how those can impact games. However, in my mind it makes sense to allow for challenges on any big penalties. Why shouldn't the league allow a coach to challenge something like any 15+ yard penalty? If they have the same number of challenges at their disposal, what is the problem?

I suggest 15 yards because that opens up things like spot of the foul pass interference calls, and personal fouls. These can be just as significant over the course of a game as a turnover. Realistically any play on the field should be afforded the opportunity for review, but given the glacial pace of change in the NFL, I realize that is unlikely to happen soon. But if you've got the same number of challenges, why not allow more things to be reviewed? I realize there is a human element to the game, but the idea is to get the call right.

I would be fine without making everything reviewable in that unde 2 minute mark at the end of each half, but at least give coaches some kind of opportunity to challenge plays that a replay shows is clearly bogus. I'm open to ideas why there would be a problem with this, but it's tough for me to see at this point. Hopefully the NFL will see how this plays out in the CFL, and then will adopt it in the near future.