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Colin Kaepernick shoots SNF intro video

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL gets back in gear in less than a month as players begin reporting for training camp. For the San Francisco 49ers, rookies report on July 16, quarterbacks and injured veterans on July 18, and all other players on July 23. We are less than a month away!

The approaching report dates also means television networks are getting their act in gear for the upcoming season. Sunday Night Football posted some videos and pictures on Twitter and Instagram from the shoot they recently conducted for their weekly intro. It appears Colin Kaepernick will be featured in it.

Below are some video and pictures from the event. I think this will air when the season starts with Thursday Night Football on NBC, although I'm not completely positive. At the very least, we'll see it that following Sunday September 7, when the Denver Broncos host the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night Football. The 49ers make their SNF debut on September 14, when they host the Chicago Bears for the regular season debut of Levi's Stadium. The 49ers will play two SNF games this season. They will host the Bears in Week 2, and then travel to face the Broncos in Week 7. They host the Seattle Seahawks in an NBC game on Thanksgiving night, so we might see some form of this intro then as well.