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Saturday evening open thread

Alexandre Loureiro

Things are rather quiet today now that the two World Cup matches are wrapped up. Brazil beat Chile on a wild penalty kick situation, and Colombia rolled Uruguay. Tomorrow should be a fun day with Mexico facing the Netherlands. Costa Rica plays Greece in the afternoon. Greece is generally not the most exciting team, but they got a little more interesting in their third match of group play. I'm rooting for Costa Rica to keep CONCACAF in play as much as possible. Go North and Central America!

For Giants fans, Matt Cain faces the Cincinnati Reds. The Giants big division lead is slipping, as they now hold a 2-game edge over the Dodgers. My A's hold a 4.5 game lead over the Angels, and are currently in extra innings against the Marlins. Go A's!

Other than that, not much happening from a 49ers perspective. The first training camp news won't come until July 16, when rookies start reporting to camp. Veterans report on July 23, so we'll find out what's up with Alex Boone and Vernon Davis. I suspect Boone will not report. Who knows what Davis will do.

Anybody up to anything fun this weekend? On Friday, I checked out a fair here in Washington, D.C. over near RFK Stadium. Today I hit up a driving range called Top Golf, tomorrow is a pretty low key day with some soccer watching planned. All in all, a pretty relaxing weekend.