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Joe Montana on Harbaugh, Brady/Manning and dynasties

Joe Montana was on NFL Network and discussed some current NFL topics

Rick Stewart

The San Francisco 49ers have a good team. Naturally, the media and fans alike love to talk ab out good teams. Add a lightning rod like Jim Harbaugh, and the narratives are nearly inescapable. So when NFL network has on Niners legend Joe Montana, you know a topic like Harbaugh is going to come up.

You can check out a short video on that here.

When asked whether he'd be able to play for a guy like Harbaugh, Joe Cool stated that he could. That "it would be easy to play for him," in fact. Montana talks about how playing for a guy who has also played the position helps a ton, as they know what you're going through. He also discussed the trust factor that Harbaugh has shown in current quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Montana acknowledges that Kap has made mistakes, but that Harbaugh is allowing him to come back from those and continues to give him freedom on the field to make decisions. Not bad reassurance and vote of confidence from the Hall of Famer.

On another topic, Montana was asked about Peyton Manning and Tom Brady's careers winding down. Asked what advice he'd give the two veterans, Montana said they should play as long as they can. He recalled the season following his last at the helm of the Kansas City Chiefs, and how he asked himself "What am I doing?"

"It's like quitting cold turkey," Montana opined. That you can't relive that excitement in anything else you do. In fact, he went as far as to say that he wishes everyone could experience playing football on a Sunday just one time, so that we could all understand how exhilarating it is.

On the 49ers dynasty

Montana discussing the 49ers dynasty in the 1980s. When asked if it was the greatest of all the dynasties we have seen in NFL history, Montana humbly states that "If you ask anybody on any of the teams you're talking about and they'd say 'yes, they were.'" Saying that he has to go along with that, he does believe that their teams were pretty good.

"Our defense gets overlooked because of people like Jerry Rice who has crazy numbers, but our defense was pretty good," Montana added. On if he thinks the dynasty would still happen had "The Catch" not been hauled in by Dwight Clark, Montana believes they would have scored regardless. He states that coach Bill Walsh had the next play drawn up and they had great confidence that they were going to win the game.

On a potential Seahawks dynasty

Montana believes that they do have the capability do so so, since they are young, extremely talented and have a coach -- Pete Carroll -- who is aggressive and upbeat. "Anytime you can make going to work fun, even though you're playing as I say a stupid game for a living, it makes going to that facility every day really a joy."

In a few sentences, Joe Montana calls football a stupid game and says the Seahawks could build a dynasty. Come on, Joe! Are you trying to give me a headache?