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Who is overrated, underrated on 49ers?

Pete Prisco broke down one underrated and one overrated player on each NFL team. We look at who he picked for the 49ers.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Over at CBS Sports, resident troll Pete Prisco decided to put together an article that would inspire commentary from all 32 NFL fan bases. Prisco took a look at the most overrated and underrated player on each team. Here is what he had to say about the San Francisco 49ers:

Overrated: RG LG Mike Iupati --­­ He has done some good things, and he's in a contract year coming up, but he didn't play that well in 2013. Yet he was named to the Pro Bowl, but couldn't play after breaking an ankle in the NFC Championship Game. He was picked for reputation.

Underrated: OLB Ahmad Brooks --­­ He is the overlooked linebacker in their four­-man group, but he is a good player who doesn't get the due he deserves. He is steady, if not special.

Mike Iupati is an interesting guy when it comes to this kind of discussion. He's immensely talented, but we saw him get pretty banged up this past year. I don't know that talking about Pro Bowls is really helpful in this kind of discussion since it is essentially a popularity contest. But I know he is not the only person to consider Iupati overrated.

It's hard at times for me to figure out who I think is overrated on the 49ers because I'm a big, fat homer. Some might consider Frank Gore given his end of season struggles. I won't contest that he had his share of struggles, but I also think that he has never been one that has been overrated. I don't know that I would say he is currently underrated, but I do think much of his career he has been underrated. I'd say his ability is slowly coming down as he gets older, and so he is no longer quite so underrated. It's less about people changing their opinion, and more about him just getting older.

Ahmad Brooks is a solid choice on the underrated list. Another option for me would be Anquan Boldin. I think most people recognize he's a very good receiver, but I wonder how many people outside the 49ers fan base understand just how important he was for much of this season. Michael Crabtree's return was important, but before Crabtree returned, and even early in Crabtree's return, Anquan Boldin was incredibly important to this offense. People respect Boldin, so that might be why some won't view him as "underrated", but I think it's fair to include him in the discussion after this past season.

Who do you see as overrated or underrated on the 49ers roster?