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49ers sign Blake Costanzo for special teams work, waive Al Netter

The San Francisco 49ers officially welcomed back linebacker Blake Costanzo. He briefly discussed his role after practice on Tuesday.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this afternoon, the San Francisco 49ers made the Blake Costanzo signing official. The team announced that Costanzo signed a 1-year deal, and AP writer Janie McCauley is reporting he signed for the veteran minimum, $855,000. If the deal includes no more than $50,000 in bonus money, the team can use the minimum salary benefit, cutting the cap hit to that of a second year player. The 49ers waived Al Netter to make room for Costanzo.

Costanzo is listed as a linebacker, but as we discussed earlier, it sounds like he will compete almost entirely on special teams:

This is not a shocking revelation, but it's still helpful to know for certain.

While all that was known, we did learn something a bit more significant during Tuesday's post-practice media session. writer Chris Biderman got this little nugget from Costanzo:

Chris got some additional quotations from Costanzo, and it's safe to say comments like this will keept he fans in his corner. Gotta love it!:

“I’m a pro. I watch HGTV for hours. I’m more like the raking, doing the mulch. But I planted some flowers. I did my first tile job in my bathroom too. So I was able to do that. Just learning some things as I go. That is true blue collar right there. No doubt. Hands and knees getting dirty. I can do anything…comes with the special teams stuff."