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Golden Nuggets: Levi's Stadium Stages Mock Event

Monday, June 30, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group

With it's official opening just a little over a month away, Levi's Stadium personnel are not sitting pat. They are busy having their own version of a mini camp with a full complement of stadium personnel conducting a mock event. It looks like all the major systems are ready and only minor tweaks are remaining to be worked out.

The first official event will be a soccer match between bay area favorite San Jose Earthquakes and the visiting Seattle Sounders. Somehow I don't think having a "football" team from Seattle come in was a coincidence at all. The first time the 49ers play in Levi's will be a pre-season game against the Denver Broncos and the first official home game will have the Niners hosting the Chicago Bears. It all still seems so far away though.

49ers practice Levi's Stadium event, without fans (SJMN)

Just another small tidbit adding to Trent Baalke's resume as Draft Ninja. He kept his cards close and stole Carlos Hyde at the right moment. | Ohio State Football: Carlos Hyde thought he would be drafted by Cleveland Browns (Scarlet and Game)

Say it ain't so, Joe! | Joe Montana thinks the Seahawks can become a dynasty (PFT)

I normally don't like linking to B/R, but this provides a good comparison of how Colin Kaepernick helped keep the team flexible with his franchise-building mega contract. | 10 Worst Contracts in the National Football League (B/R)

This is not about the team per se, but it does provide an interesting perspective on why a San Francisco icon, like the 49ers, ultimately chose to take their business to Santa Clara. | When did S.F. become the no-go city? (Marina Times)