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Hey 49ers players, renew your therapeutic use exemption

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dear members of the San Francisco 49ers,

If you currently have a prescription for a substance that is banned by the NFL, today marks the final day you can get your therapeutic use exemption from the league, or renew your exemption from last year. The NFLPA was kind enough to send out a reminder earlier today (you should probably be following them if you're on Twitter):

In case this is your first year using such a substance (or if you're a rookie who is just learning about this), you must have both a prescription for the banned substance, and an exemption from the league. Just having a prescription from your doctor is not enough to avoid punishment for a failed drug test.

Now, I'm sure you've gotten the call on this from the NFLPA, your agent, or one of an assortment of other people. That being said, I figured one last reminder from your friendly Niners Nation blogger would be of some value.

You already can check and see if a subtance you are using is legal or illegal in the NFL. If you are starting to take a new substance for some medical purpose and you are not 100 percent certain, you check with the NFL. I'm sure the NFLPA will help provide information, but the NFL is the one who will suspend you for using a banned substance. Get something in writing from the league saying that the substance you are taking is legal.

If you choose to use a new substance and eventually pop positive because you didn't know what was in it, you will get no sympathy from me.

TL;DR: If you use a potential banned substance for medical reasons, today, June 30 is the day to submit paperwork for a therapeutic use exemption. If you had an exemption last year, you must get it renewed for 2014. DO IT.

Kindest regards,

Niners Nation

P.S. Try and avoid getting arrested as well.