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Colin Kaepernick wore money socks on day of contract extension

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sported some dollar bill socks at his contract extension press conference. We've got pictures!

Ronald Martinez

This is not really important, but it's pretty funny. Colin Kaepernick signed his contract extension today, and it just so happens he was wearing socks with pictures of dollar bills on them. He was asked about the socks and he said it was just luck of the draw that he was wearing them. His agents were reportedly working with the 49ers all day Tuesday, so maybe he figured they might bring a little luck. Or it was just a crazy coincidence. Either way, it's pretty funny.

Here's a look at Kap's socks:

And if you're wondering what else he was wearing, Chris Biderman tweeted out this picture on Instagram. The 49ers did not have OTAs today, but I'd imagine there was plenty of work being done at the facility. There's plenty of film to be watched, and in Kap's case, it sounds like he was in the weight room before the press conference. And if you're a cranky old reporter looking to complain about his lack of a suit, go to town!