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Carlos Hyde talks role with 49ers, existing backs, and more at NFLPA Rookie Premiere

Last month, the San Francisco 49ers used a second round pick to select Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde. The move caught some 49ers fans by surprise given the depth at running back. However, given the number of questions that do still exist with that group, the addition does not look quite as shocking a month removed.

Hyde spent last week at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere event down in Los Angeles. SB Nation has partnered with the NFLPA on this, and it always results in some fun videos. SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein got some time to interview many of the rookies on hand. Up above, I've embedded his interview with Hyde. Over the course of five minutes, Hyde discussed a range of topics. He talked about the shock of getting the call from the 49ers, his thoughts on the running backs already in place, and getting ready to learn about the Bay Area. He also did some rapid fire Q&A on favorite animal and super power he would want. Give it a watch!