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Tuesday evening opening thread

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Boris Streubel

Well, it was an intense day of soccer action for World Cup fans. Things have calmed down following the USMNT loss. I'll watch some of the remaining World Cup, but probably not quite as much as if the US was still around. Of course, it's been a great World Cup, so I'm sure I'll see plenty of games. For tonight though, I'm watching A Fish Called Wanda to wind down the evening. It's one of my all time favorites.

One reason I wanted to open up a thread was to give everybody a heads-up that the site will be down tonight from around midnight to 2 am PT. There is a migration happening that requires a maintenance window. It could be done in less than 2 hours, but it also might take a little bit longer. Since we've got a little over five hours until the site goes down, I figured I'd give everybody a heads-up that the site will be down. The Nuggets will be pushed back to 3 am and everything will hopefully be back to normal tomorrow morning.

Other than that, have a good evening!