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Richard Sherman talks smack, and Michael Crabtree remains our taciturn receiver

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Michael Crabtree's silence this offseason deserves some praise.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Fooch's Update #2 - Crabtree tweeted this out:

Fooch's Update - After this was written, before publication, Crabtree was asked on ESPN about Sherman. His response (still fitting in the mold of this article:

"I don't get into talking about these guys. I concentrate on football. It's my life. I don't have too much to prove when it comes to talking on TV. I'm a baller."

second transcript from his appearance:

"I've been doing this for a while, you know. I've been playing, I've been to the top of the totem pole since high school, you know. So, it's nothing new to me."

"Like when I win, it's no hoorah. I ain't yelling. You know what I'm saying? I'm used to it. But like I said, I'm getting (tired) talking about these guys. I concentrate on football. I love football. This my life, you know what I'm saying? So, I don't really have too much to prove when it comes to talking on this TV. But like I said, I'm about it."

On to Wes's article....

Below is a full transcript of everything Michael Crabtree has said, unprovoked, this offseason about Richard Sherman:


I'm not saying that Crabtree is a perfect dude of perfect character who lives a perfect life. I've never met the guy, so I don't want to judge his character. I can only judge him by his actions, and his silence on the whole subject is remarkable.

Of course he had a few comments back after the game, particularly about how Sherman only made one play the entire game. He also got into a bit of a Twitter back and forth, in which he essentially reiterated the same comment, but with more hashtags. These comments were provoked, though, by Sherman's. That much is clear.

Since then, though? Nothing. And while Sherman is "provoked" to make these comments, in that he is in the media talking about things with media types, I really don't understand why he needs to be airing grievances like this, especially when he claims that "Nobody will understand it but him and me." If nobody will understand it, then why the hell do you keep talking about it?

You know who isn't talking about it? Crabtree.

This is worth pointing out, though. Back in the day, people levied the "diva" criticism at Crabtree, particularly as he was coming out of school and entering the early days of his holdout. For us 49er fans, that's old news. And I think a lot of other fans have forgotten about Crabtree and the holdout, instead focusing upon other receivers. Some of the focus is pulled to other receivers because they are better; some of the focus, though, goes to other receivers who talk trash.

But this is exactly my point: Crabtree has quietly become one of the best receivers in the league while completely spitting on the "diva" label. He works hard; he plays with intensity; and, at least in the public eye, he acts with a maturity that a lot of people doubted he would achieve coming out of Texas.

I don't know what's going to happen from a financial standpoint in respect to Crabtree's free agent status. But, I do know that he is the type of player I would like to keep around, if possible. Not only is he an excellent No. 1 receiver, but he also is just fun to watch. Is there anybody here who doesn't like watching him find the soft spot in the defense and then juke cornerbacks out of their shoes? Whenever he has the ball in his hands, it's an exciting thing to behold.

And, if he continues to set this sort of example for the rest of the team, then all the better. A lot of people in this locker room get props for being team leaders. Patrick Willis, Colin Kaepernick, NaVorro Bowman, and Vernon Davis come to mind immediately. And this is a good thing. But, Crabtree is the type of guy who can also set a great example for young players. And he does. Time and time again he has had the opportunity to go off on Sherman, who frankly deserves it, even if he is an exceptional CB. But, Crabtree has held his tongue. I hope our taciturn receiver uses his silence to win games, instead of spewing hot air.

I hope that Crabtree doesn't respond, at least not in an impassioned and negative way, to these recent comments. And, if he does feel the need to respond, I hope he maintains his level-headed demeanor. It's been a pleasure to watch him on the field. That experience is only enhanced by his off-the-field actions.