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2014 NFL Supplemental draft to take place Thursday: Rules & eligible players

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The 2014 NFL Supplemental Draft will be held on Thursday at 10 a.m. PT. Here is a rundown of the eligibility rules, rules for making selections, and prospects involved.

Cliff Hawkins

What do you know, we have some actual NFL news! The 2014 NFL Supplemental Draft takes place today at 10 a.m. PT. There are four players eligible for the draft, and the odds are slim any get picked, but hey, it's something to talk about! Ian Rapoport initially reported there were four players eligible for the draft: New Mexico WR Chase Clayton, North Carolina LB Darius Lipford, Va.-Lynchburg DT Lakendrick Ross, and Southern Methodist RB Traylon Shead.

49ers Interest

The 49ers were one of 12 teams to attend the workout of defensive tackle Lakendrick Ross. I would be surprised if the 49ers sacrificed a pick, but they might be interesting in bringing him to camp if he does not get drafted. The team has its share of long-term projects, but another player for Jim Tomsula is not the worst idea in the world.


College athletes become eligible for the Supplemental Draft when they are ineligible for the regular April draft, but become eligible prior to the start of the next season. These players gain eligibility for a variety of reasons, although oftentimes it is because of some sort of disciplinary issue. Recent players to be selected include Josh Gordon in 2012, and Terrelle Pryor the year before. 49ers outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks was originally selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2006 Supplemental Draft. The two most famous supplemental picks were probably Cris Carter and Brian Bosworth.

49ers history

The 49ers have selected five players over the history of the supplemental draft. In 1978, they selected running back Rod Connors. In 1984, they selected wide receiver Derrick Crawford, offensive tackle Joe Conwell, and running back Mark Schellen. 1985, they selected running back Roosevelt Snipes. Although Snipes never played, he clearly had one of the best names in 49ers history. That counts for something, right?

Draft order

The NFL actually uses a lottery to determine order in the Supplemental Draft. PFT described it in great detail last year. Teams are weighted based on record, like the NBA lottery. The lottery is broken down into three groups. In 2012, the first group consisted of teams that won no more than six games the previous season. Those teams were guaranteed the top ten spots, but the specific order was determined by the lottery. The second group consists of the remaining teams except playoff teams, and the third group are the playoff teams. The 6-win mark in 2012 might not apply this year.

Draft picks

It takes place via email. A team submits the player or players they want and the corresponding round in which they would take them. Teams are grouped by won/loss record so the team with the worst record and highest bid will be awarded the player. Consequently they'll lose their pick from that round the next draft.

Scouting reports

Dan Kadar has a preview up at Mocking the Draft. The folks at Optimum Scouting put together some helpful scouting reports as well, and the always helpful Rob Rang also has scouting reports. Our friends at Bleeding Green Nation did a good job with some basic college info, and the reason each player is in the supplemental draft.

Do you see the 49ers considering a supplemental pick this year?