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Jim, Sarah Harbaugh appear on Fernando & Greg to talk pleated khakis

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Jim Harbaugh and Sarah Harbaugh made a radio appearance to talk about khaki pants.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Who knew pleated khakis could become a recurring piece of content here at Niners Nation? And yet, Jim Harbaugh's khaki pants remain the gift that keeps on giving.

We all know that Jim Harbaugh loves his khaki pants. He is never without them on the sideline, and ends up wearing them quite frequently away from the team. This eventually led to his wife, Sarah, making an appearance back in January on the Fernando & Greg Show on 99.7. She discussed the khaki pants, and how she was hoping to change his wardrobe once the playoffs ended.

Last month, Jim and Sarah appeared in a Dockers commercial as part of a "Stop Dad Pants" campaign. The commercial was for flat front khakis, and given that Dockers is part of Levi's, the endorsement deal made sense. It's a great commercial. If you have not seen it, check it out HERE.

And now, we have another Sarah Harbaugh appearance on the Fernando & Greg show! Only this time, Jim joined her in the studio! You can listen to the full audio HERE. Here are a couple pictures from the studio:

There is a lot to love about this interview. It opens with Jim and Sarah saying hello. Jim's hello is very low key, but thankfully he picks it up after the discussion gets going. Jim gets a little fashion advice about how pleats are in fact out, and have been so for some time. He then talks about how comfortable they are, and that it provides him with ease of operation.

One of the funniest parts comes around 5:45. Apparently one of the Harbaugh's daughters wants to get a bunch of animals. Sarah says the daughter's top choices include some sort of exotic cat (not a mountain lion, but maybe a cheetah), and a dolphin. You should listen to the segment. It's great.

Later, one of the hosts brings on his mom, who happens to be a Cowboys fan. Apparently they've convinced her to cheer for the 49ers when she's not cheering on the Cowboys. The mom, Ginger, comes on at the 9:45 mark, and Coach Harbaugh says he likes the way she talks. Coach is fine being her second favorite team.

The whole thing is just great. When you get a minute, head over and check it out.