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Niners Nation Podcast: Offseason catch-up and RB discussion

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Tre is joined by James Brady of SBN to talk about the very few stories going on right now, as well as the conundrum the 49ers seem to have at the RB position.

It's been a few weeks, but we're back at it with the NN Podcast. This week we gloss over the "stories" in Ninerland, as well as talk about the RB position, which seems to be chock-full of players that the team will not want to lose. How will they manage the plethora of talent and avoid another Marcus Cooper situation? James Brady joins us to talk about this and more.

You can listen via the embedded player right here on this page, or via the usual channels (iTunes, Podkicker, RSS feed, etc).

Please note if you haven't seen new episodes in several months, you need to delete the old feed from last year and do a new search on your podcast app of choice.

Search for "NinersNation" with no spaces and select the result (there might be two) that also has NO SPACES.

Alternatively, if you're handy with RSS feeds, (most podcast apps allow you to manually paste in the link to the RSS feed), this is the feed link.