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Last weekend with nothing football related!

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Of course we gotta use my favorite picture!
Of course we gotta use my favorite picture!
Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

We are officially entering the final weekend of absolutely nothing to do with football. Next Wednesday, July 16, the San Francisco 49ers will welcome their rookies back to Santa Clara for the start of training camp. Friday, July 18, quarterbacks and injured veterans will join them. Wednesday, July 23, the rest of the veterans will report to camp. And finally, July 24, the 49ers have their first practice session.

Yes, indeed, football is just around the corner. And as it gets ready to return to our lives, other sports get their last gasp efforts out of the way. The World Cup wraps up with the title game on Sunday. MLB has their All Star Game next Tuesday (I'll be there!), before heading into the dog days of summer before the pennant races really heat up. Oh, and LeBron James made some news today.

I'm off to Minneapolis tomorrow to catch the All Star Game, and my six A's (plus Jeff Samardzija!). We'll have plenty of content up the next few days, but this is also my last quasi-vacation before football gets back into gear. Anybody else up to anything fun this weekend?