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Pictures, video from Legends of Candlestick practice session

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The Joe Montana and Dan Marino-led legends took part in a practice session the day before the "Legends of Candlestick" football game. We've got some videos and pictures from the event.

Rick Stewart

The Legends of Candlestick football game kicks off at 7 p.m. Saturday evening, but Friday evening there was a practice session for all the old veterans. The practice session featured some video and photos on social media. The game won't be televised, but hopefully we get some social media sharing once again.

First up, here are a few videos Steve Corkran and Dan Brown put together.

Joe Montana warming up

John Taylor, Dwight Clark doing some work during practice

Brent Jones talks about his Candlestick Park memories

Jeff Garcia not expecting a QB opportunity, but he wouldn't turn it down if offered

Joe Montana and others tweeted out some pictures from practice as well: