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Yep, the World Cup actually has a 3rd place game

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Dean Mouhtaropoulos

The 2014 World Cup wraps up Sunday afternoon, but in the meantime, there is actually a third place game to be played. I was aware of the 3rd place game, but I still find it so random. SB Nation put together a few thoughts on just how crazy the 3rd place game can be. Apparently there have been at least three goals in every third place game since 1978. There is likely very little pressure on either team, so one would think they could just go out and have some fun. Of course, they also just want to get the heck home, so it could also be a dull affair. We'll see.

If you're looking for an NFL connection, did you know there used to be a 3rd place game played before the Super Bowl? PFT's Michael David Smith pointed out the wikipedia page. That's kind of crazy to consider. I suppose with a bye week between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl, this is not entirely stupid. But it does seem pretty random.