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World Cup final: Argentina vs. Germany

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The 2014 World Cup comes to a close today with the final between Argentina and Germany. Although I am not the biggest soccer fan, it's been a fun tournament. It helped that the United States advanced out of the group round, but even without the USMNT performance, there was some exhilarating action throughout the World Cup. It was one of the highest scoring World Cups of all time, and there were all sorts of fun games along the way.

The World Cup only happens every four years, but it's kind of a nice diversion during the dog days before football picks back up. It ate up June and July and we're now just a few days away from the return of the 49ers rookies for training camp. The team's first practice is not until July 24, but with players slowly arriving back, it will bridge the gap until then. I can live with that.