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Legends of Candlestick recap: Pictures, video from 49ers Stars win over NFL All Stars

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Thearon Henderson

Saturday evening featured the final "football game" in Candlestick Park history, as a team of retired 49ers stars defeated a team of retired NFL stars 45-40. Dan Brown has a solid recap of the game. The reported attendance was 30,000, but there were some guesses that it was closer to 20,000. Whichever number is accurate, that's pretty impressive for a flag football game.

It sounds like the game was a lot of fun, but there were two highlights of particular note. The first was the final score to win the game. Joe Montana connected with former 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo on a 2-yard touchdown to win the game. Although the game was competitive in some respects, Montana wanted to bring on DeBartolo for the final score, given his huge contributions to the franchise.

The other highlight would be a play of which I'm not seeing any video. Joe Montana took a snap and threw a lateral to Steve Young. Young then threw it back to Montana who then connected with Jeff Garcia for a short gain. There's always been talk of the rivalry between Montana and Young, so it's cool to see them on the same field for this game.

Here are a few more videos from the game. You can view more at Steve Corkran's Tout page.