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Watch Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jeff Garcia on the same pass play

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Numerous football legends from the 49ers and the rest of the NFL took part in the Legends of Candlestick flag football game to close out the 49ers old stadium. We had some video and photos in yesterday's recap, as the 49ers All Stars defeated the NFL All Stars 45-40.

One of the more notable events according to Dan Brown's recap was a play that involved all three 49ers quarterbacks. I didn't see any video initially, but thankfully Sprint Right Option was able to get some. The play was an option pass that turned into a lateral and then pass. Crazy random, but fun.

Joe Montana lined up in the shotgun, with Steve Young in the slot to Montana's right, and Jeff Garcia out wide to Montana's left. At the snap, Young came on an end around and got the pitch from Montana. Young then looked to throw down the field, but could not find an open man. He threw a lateral back to Joe Montana, who rolled right and hit an open Jeff Garcia for the first down. Not too shabby.

There are plenty of great pictures in the gallery, but this one is one of my favorites: