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Golden Nuggets: The Happiest Place On Earth

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Candlestick finally had it's last game ever. The legends showed up and gave the old home of the 5 time champion 49ers a final goodbye. It's been a long road for that old stadium and it's finally over. The Niners will now relocate south of San Francisco to Santa Clara into their new technologically advanced stadium. The memories were great at Candlestick for the 49ers, but it was time for them to find a new home. While it is a bummer that the team and city of San Francisco could not come up with a deal to keep the team in the city, Santa Clara is not new to 49er fans. It's been the HQ for the team for awhile. We are ready for new memories to be made by the 49ers in brand new Levi's Stadium.

49ers Links

Can we get him some money? He's very important | Boone's Holdout (Williamson)

Let's see how long that lasts. Maybe Harbaugh can work some magic on him | Gabbert Leads the Backup Competition (Price)

Legends Say Bye To Candlestick (49ers Video)

He really enjoys talking. Must like the sound of his voice | Sherman Keeps Talking (Lynch)

Just makes perfect sense. A fairy tale ending | Eddie DeBartolo Jr. Catches Last Candlestick TD (Price)

UNC LB To Work Out For Niners (Barrows)

Some great pics | Joe's Last Game At Candlestick Pics (Stark)

Jed Talks Levi's (Price)

So close. The season is almost upon us | Training Camp: Coming Soon (Inman)

I hope they can take a step up. Especially McDonald | Mangini Helps The TEs (Kegley)