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Colin Kaepernick gives advice to high school football team

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Colin Kaepernick spoke to a high school football team. He told them things about stuff.

Christian Petersen

If there's one message we want to really sink in around the San Francisco 49ers locker room, it should probably be "stay out of trouble and avoid distractions." Obviously, the 49ers don't need us to say that -- it's something that Jim Harbaugh has preached over and over. Of course, it hasn't exactly worked out the way Harbaugh has hoped with all of the offseason trouble.

Still, it's a worthwhile message to attempt to deliver, especially to those who may be impressionable. Like, say, high school students. 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick gave a speech to the St. Luke's (New Canaan, CT) high school football team on Saturday, and among the topics covered? You guessed it: personal distractions.

Kaepernick said that personal distractions need to stay off the field, whether it's "family, relationships, people asking you to do different things." Kaepernick said those are things the kids need to block out so they can "keep being successful." It's just one thing he talked about in his speech -- he also covered trusting your teammates, always study and things of that nature.

These kinds of things are just interest pieces, but I do have to admit I really like to see this. I think the more level-headed football players can come out and talk to impressionable kids, even if it's something they've already heard before, it has to do some good. In high school, they're just a bit past the "Wow cool! I'll do better now, thanks!" stage and all of that, but I still like to see it.

Kap volunteered his time after learning the team organize a fundraising event for the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. The founder of the foundation has a mutual friend with the 49ers quarterback, and was able to work it out for him to come out and speak to the team. You can find the whole piece written up by the New Canaan News here.