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Let us know some of your notable Michael Crabtree plays

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Ralph Freso

I'm heading up to New York on Friday to do some video with our studio, and one of them will be about Michael Crabtree. He is Colin Kaepernick's favorite wide receiver, and he should be back at or near 100 percent in terms of his Achilles. The 49ers have added several weapons this offseason, but Crabtree is a guy Kap will look to quite a bit.

In breaking down Crabtree's work with the 49ers, I'll be looking at things like his footwork, his route running, his hands, his physicality, and plenty more. We'll have a few clips in the game, and I wanted to open the floor for suggestions of notable Crabtree plays. One of my favorite plays of his was his conversion of a 3rd and 14 against the Detroit Lions back in 2012. It showed how important he has been on third downs, and it showed what he can do in traffic.

I'm probably also going to try and work in some of his red zone work against Patrick Peterson. Crabtree has owned him during their time in the league together, so I have to take a look at some of those plays.

If you have some specific plays you can recall, let me know in the comments. I have a few in mind, but one problem is the games blend together at times. I remember some great plays, but I can't put them into specific context off the top of my head. Do you remember specific blocks that impressed you? A particular great catch or run after the catch? Drop it in the comments.

If you recall a play that shows an area where you think Crabtree needs improvement, let me know on that as well. I'll probably include his big catch against the Rams in his first game back, showing the speed that he still needed to regain at that point. He was able to play late last season, but he was not at 100 percent. Of course, that makes some of his 2013 performances all the more impressive, and provides even more optimism about 2014.

Drop it all in the comments.