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Brandon Flowers chose revenge over San Francisco 49ers

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I would TOTALLY make a huge career choice solely based around revenge. But I'm an idiot.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I'm a big fan of getting even in the right situation. I'm not afraid to admit that I have a petty side, and schadenfreude is just as fun to say and type as it is to engage in. I like to think outside of those weaknesses, I'm a fairly decent person as far as people go. But I can identify with those that are interested in getting even, which is why there's no hard feelings when it comes to cornerback Brandon Flowers.

Flowers has been a solid cornerback for some time, but he found himself a free agent this offseason due to declining play in 2013 (he actually made the Pro Bowl despite this, furthering perpetuating the question "What's the point anyway?"). The San Francisco 49ers briefly flirted with the possibility of bringing him in, but he ultimately signed with the San Diego Chargers.

On Tuesday, Flowers said that he's the NFL's best corner -- which obviously isn't true, but hey, if you don't think you're the best, what's the point of playing? -- and also that he chose the Chargers over the 49ers for revenge (via a Tweet from -- I'm sorry -- Skip Bayless). That's not revenge against the 49ers per se, but rather revenge against the Kansas City Chiefs, the team that released him.

That's because the Chargers and Chiefs are AFC West rivals, and Flowers wants the opportunity to play Kansas City twice a year. It's not exactly an inspiring cause or anything, but a jerk like me finds it a bit admirable.

Still, I doubt that was the sole motivator. If you have a chance to play for the cornerback-needy 49ers or the slumping Chargers, and revenge is the only differing factor, you choose the 49ers. It's likely that the Chargers simply offered him more money, more time and possibly even a more solid guaranteed spot on the depth chart. Revenge was probably just the icing on the cake.