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49ers' Levi's Stadium will sport vegan-friendly food options

You can eat grass and what not.

Steve Bardens

OK I'm going to be honest, I wrote this article just a few hours after returning from the Stanislaus County Fair, where I gorged myself on all manner of deep fried foods -- no seriously, each bite was like a cruise missile filled with fat targeted directly at my lovehandles -- but hey, somebody had to do it.

We'd heard back in June that the San Francisco 49ers planned to offer many vegan options at Levi's Stadium when it opens later this year, but the scope of the offering has been revealed more and more over the past month. Last week, had a preview of many of the menu options, and a quote from Centerplate general manager Zach Hensley, who said that Levi's will be the "most vegan-friendly stadium in the entire sports industry."

I'm sure the majority of you don't care about this -- and for those may I recommend checking out the previous amazing news that is the stadium's beer list -- but here's a little-known fact about ol' Ninjames: I was a vegan for a period of time a number of years ago (And yes, I did just further perpetuate the trope that the best way to spot a vegan is to wait for him to tell you that he or she is one. Sue me.).  I did the full lifestyle switch to see what it was all about, and for over half a year I managed to handle it before I succumbed. I don't remember what it was I succumbed to, but it was probably something like cheese.

I desperately need fine cheese.

In reality, I don't think I "succumbed" so much as I simply was done with my experiment. Anyway, I'm not interested in becoming a vegan again anytime soon, but it's cool to see this. A lot of the food they're talking about sounds great, and it's stuff I'd probably try not to rid myself of animal products, but because it sounds delicious. If appeasing the vegans means delicious and healthy food is added to the menu, then that's a win-win, right?

So long as I can get a bunch of greasy fries and slather them with garlic, parmesan cheese and the meat o' the day at the next stand, I'm all for this. You can read more about it at the link above, or the this one from ABC as well.

Fooch's Note: There will also be gluten free options for those on such a diet. The general concession options will include Seared Albacore Cobb Salad, Spiced Cassava Chips, Garlic Fries, Fries, Popcorn, Peanuts, Cracker Jack, Frito Lay Chips, Candy.