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NFL Sunday Ticket live online stream to be made available even if you do not have DirecTV

The NFL and DirecTV are going to make the Sunday Ticket streaming package available for purchase even if you do not have DirecTV.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

We've got some big news for those of you outside the Bay Area that are constantly on the hunt for ways to watch the San Francisco 49ers. DirecTV has created an option for you to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket, even if you do not have a DirecTV subscription. The package costs anywhere from $199 for the basic streaming package, to $329 which gets you streaming on your game console and other devices. Head HERE to check if you are eligible.

Previously you needed to have DirecTV to get Sunday Ticket. They changed that last year with a one-time Madden deal. You could get an online stream with the purchase of Madden. It would seem like that was a test run for this new stand-alone feature.

I know that there are other ways people can watch games for free, but given that those are illegal, please do not discuss them in the comments of this article. With the DirecTV package, there are pluses and minuses. The cost is obviously a minus, but if you are outside the Bay Area, it's not the worst cost in the world. The only other minus is that the game lags behind the regular broadcast. If you are not on Twitter or in the comments of our weekly game threads, that's really no big deal. If you are in the comments or on Twitter, it can be a little frustrating.

The 49ers 2014 schedule currently features four prime time games that will be broadcast on national television. They will host the Chicago Bears in Week 2 on Sunday Night Football, travel to face the St. Louis Rams on Monday Night Football and then the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football in Weeks 6 and 7, and then host the Seattle Seahawks in primetime on Thanksgiving. They could have another game flexed into primetime, and some of their Sunday afternoon games will be broadcast across a sizable chunk of the country, but if you are not in the Bay Area, there is value to the Sunday Ticket.

If this was something you were thinking of getting if it was available, head HERE.