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Wednesday evening open thread

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the 49ers have begun assembling for training camp, but  we won't be hearing a whole lot out of camp until practices start later next week. It will remain quiet, so I figure we can continue to throw the occasional open thread out there to close out the night.

Today is the slowest sports day of the year, with the "highlight" being the ESPYs. I haven't watched them in some time, although they did become a part of our lives last year. In case you forgot, last year saw some people get pissy about Colin Kaepernick wearing sunglasses indoors during the show. It was a couple weeks after the Miami Dolphins hat incident, so some folks were still sort of on edge.

This year, it sounds like there were some 49ers specific moments. Bay Area Sports Guy broke it all down. We won't judge him tooooooo harshly for watching the ESPYs. Apparently Drake took a shot at Michael Crabtree, and Colin Kaepernick sort of stared at Richard Sherman while Sherman was accepting his ESPY for best Breakthrough Athlete. Good times all around.

If you want to discuss the ESPYs, you're more than welcome to. If you want to discuss anything else, go to town.