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Roger Goodell references Oakland Raiders in 49ers ribbon-cutting speech at Levi's Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers welcomed Roger Goodell to speak at the Levi's Stadium ribbon-cutting. We take a look at some of his more interesting comments about the Oakland Raiders.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are officially opening Levi's Stadium, and that means Roger Goodell is in town to share a few thoughts. He had one comment in particular that will rile up a few folks. It would seem Roger Goodell was asked about the Oakland Raiders stadium situation, which is a quagmire right now. He had the following to say about the Raiders, a new stadium, and Levi's Stadium.

BASG tweeted out something on Goodell's comments as well. There are some subtle differences, but Levi's is referenced in both.

The 49ers have generally shot down the notion that the Raiders would move into Levi's Stadium as a sub-tenant. They have not said it will never, ever happen, but they have downplayed it considerably.

I can see one scenario in particular for the Raiders spending some time at Levi's Stadium. That would be with the Raiders operating as a temporary sub-tenant. This could potentially come if the Raiders are able to get a new facility financed on their current Coliseum site.

The Raiders appear intent on building a stadium on the current Coliseum property. They face several problems in their stadium quest. Financially, they are reportedly as much as $500 million short of the money needed for a new stadium. Additionally, the Oakland A's are trying to figure out their own stadium situation. The A's are trying to get a 10-year lease done with the city of Oakland and that is raising all sorts of problems. For the Raiders, it potentially slows down the time it takes to build a new stadium once financing is figured out.

My personal belief is the Raiders end up back down in Los Angeles. Oakland's city council is an absolute disaster for getting anything done. But if the Raiders can figure out some way to get a Coliseum complex stadium done, it makes a lot of sense for them to spend the construction time at Levi's Stadium. People might not like it, but logically it makes sense. I don't think it happens because I think the Raiders leave town, but it remains a possibility.