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Joe Staley contract extension means more humor, maybe more Joe Show?

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Joe Staley signed a 2-year contract extension that could keep him with the San Francisco 49ers through the 2019 season. Aside from locking up a great left tackle, the deal means we get more of Joe Staley's unique brand of humor.

The Joe Show has kind of gone by the wayside, but there is still some great video out there. The video above is from 2008. It was Staley's second season, and he was just all sorts of random in it. We get him talking about everything from Christmas gifts to his inability to grow much of a mustache.

If The Joe Show is your cup of tea, here are the episodes I could find on YouTube. Enjoy, and congrats to Joe on the contract extension.

The Dancing edition (featuring Jim Harbaugh!)

The Sing-A-Long special

The "best" of Alex Smith on The Joe Show


Bye week plans