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Someone gets a Colin Kaepernick, Lombardi Trophy tattoo

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A while back, I posted on Facebook asking people for their best San Francisco 49ers tattoos. Someone had tweeted one at me, and I figured with the quiet of the offseason, it'd be fun to get a look at some of the great tattoos out there. I had been meaning to post a gallery of some of them, and finally got around to it today. You can view them up above.

The reason I finally got around to it is that someone tweeted out a picture of a Colin Kaepernick tattoo that is rather interesting. The user got Colin Kaepernick tattoo on her his back (forgot that Michele can be a man's name, too. Stupid me), but it featured Kap doing his trademark Kaepernicking pose, while holding a Lombardi Trophy. Below the picture is the phrase "Faith in Kap".

Normally, posting something like a player with a Lombardi Trophy he does not yet have can be deemed a little foolish. The most recent example is this clown getting a Detroit Lions 2015 Super Bowl champs tattoo.

And yet, I can give MIchele credit for the subtlety of her his message. She has faith that Kap can help guide the 49ers to Lombardi No. 6. If he never reaches the promised land, I suppose the tattoo will look a little foolish. But, this is a reflection of the faith she has that Kap can do it. And possibly most important, it does not include a specific date!

If you have any 49ers tattoos you want to share, feel free to drop them in the comments.