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49ers rookies: Best case/worst case for Marcus Martin

The San Francisco 49ers spent a third round pick on USC center Marcus Martin. We break down some potentially realistic best and worst case scenarios.

Thearon W. Henderson

The San Francisco 49ers rookies and first year players reported to training camp on Wednesday. The 49ers will look for impact right away from some of their rookies, while others are part of the developmental process to replace veterans in the coming years. We're running through the 49ers draft picks to figure out some realistic best and worst case scenarios for their rookie seasons. Yesterday, we took a look at defensive back Jimmie Ward and running back Carlos Hyde. Today, we move on to the 49ers first 3rd round pick, center Marcus Martin.

The 49ers are making a transition this season, looking for a replacement for Jonathan Goodwin. The 49ers had Goodwin anchor their offensive line for the last three seasons, but the time has come to get younger and cheaper. Daniel Kilgore served as Goodwin's understudy last year, and signed a contract extension that seemingly moves him to the top of the center depth chart. However, the 49ers invested a third round pick in Martin, who some considered the best center in the draft.

Best Case Scenario

It's pretty simple. The best case sees Martin defeat Kilgore in training camp, and take over the starting center role. He lasts the season as the starting center, and the 49ers offensive line does not skip too much of a beat. I think even the best case scenario would involve some hiccups with Martin, but not so much that it is especially concerning.

Worst Case Scenario

Martin cannot beat out Daniel Kilgore, and he spends the season as the backup center, occasionally used in heavy packages. There is some talk that Martin could get chances at guard as well, but in this situation, Joe Looney remains ahead of him on the guard depth chart. That means, either Alex Boone returns for the season, or Looney is the one handling right guard duties in his absence.