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NFL fan posts Craigslist ad to create 49ers/Seahawks combination apparel

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An apparent football fan posted a rather unusual request on Craigslist. Is this a bizarre fan, or just a great troll job?


Sometimes the Internet provides us with amazing things....and then sometimes it provides us with some of the more bizarre things. Consider this part of the latter.

I was poking around the 49ers page over at Reddit, and I came across a link to this Craigslist ad. In case the ad is taken down, here is a screenshot of it:


Yep, it's somebody who wants to create combination apparel featuring the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks. I think the Reddit page described it best: "What this man wants is an abomination before God and Nature."

As I look at this ad, I find myself wondering whether this is truly a bizarre fan, or actually just a glorious attempt to troll someone. My guess is the former, but this could very well just be a great troll job. I don't really know, but it amuses me nonetheless.

Is it possible somebody really wants to create 49ers/Seahawks gear, or is it somebody just trolling to have a good time? Someone in the Reddit comments mentioned he was a 49ers fan, and his wife was a Seahawks fan. While I could see that creating issues, someone that replied made a logical point. Just get some gear of each if you feel it is absolutely necessary. Then just let the kid decide.

Have you been in a situation like that, where there is conflict over who you or someone you know is suppose to root for? My dad is originally from Massachusetts, so he is a fan of all Boston sports teams. I was a Red Sox fan as a kid, but eventually moved away from that. My dad still gives me crap about it.