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Recapping a busy couple days of Joe Staley contract, Aldon Smith sentencing, PUP/NFI designations

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Last week was a busy one for the San Francisco 49ers. Here is a rundown of all the notable news including Joe Staley's contract extension, the PUP/NFI news, Aldon Smith's sentencing, and the stadium ribbon cutting.

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The San Francisco 49ers had a busy close to last week. Rookies and first year players reported on Wednesday, while quarterbacks and injured players reported on Friday, and yet those were quickly overshadowed by Thursday and Friday news. I thought it would help to put together a rundown of pertinent news from last week. I know plenty of you saw everything, but some folks might have missed some of the details. We'll start with things that might have slipped through, and work toward the more high profile news.

Ian Williams placed on the PUP list

This was not a surprise move. Williams has been rehabbing his ankle injury following a broken ankle in Week 2 against the Seattle Seahawks. It was an especially tough injury, as he also tore some ligaments. This resulted in four separate surgeries on his lower leg. He has always aimed to get back for training camp, but there was enough hesitance that it is not a surprise that he will continue rehab at the start of camp. The expectation is he'll be good to go for the start of the season, but we're in a wait and see period right now.

One thing we can potentially take from this is that Tank Carradine might very well be ready to go. Injured veterans reported on Friday, which is why Williams was placed on the PUP list then. It is still possible Tank starts training camp on the PUP list, but his lack of inclusion on Friday is a good sign in my mind.

Marcus Lattimore among eight rookies, first year players placed on NFI/PUP list

The 49ers rookies and first year players reported on Wednesday, and the 49ers took care of several roster moves by Thursday, following opening physicals. Six players were placed on the NFI list, and two players were placed on the PUP list. The NFI list included:

WR Bruce Ellington
RB Marcus Lattimore
C Marcus Martin
FB Trey Millard
CB Keith Reaser
OG Brandon Thomas

For four of the six players, it is connected to previous college injuries. Matt Maiocco is reporting Ellington and Martin suffered their injuries while working out on their own. MM also said neither is believed to be serious.

The PUP list included:

LB Aaron Lynch
DT Kaleb Ramsey

Lynch suffered a hamstring strain during the offseason workout program, which is why he was placed on the PUP list instead of the NFI list. Ramsey's injury is unknown at this time. He dealt with numerous injuries in college, so while this is disappointing, it is not a shock.

Joe Staley signed 2-year contract extension

The 49ers now have Staley locked up through the 2019 season, all but guaranteeing he could finish his career with the franchise that drafted him. While Alex Boone and Vernon Davis skipped offseason workouts in their respective bids for new contracts, Staley was a full participant. There was no public grumbling about his deal, but the 49ers and Staley were able to get him some more money, and potentially move his deal more in line with a tackle of his caliber.

As Wednesday approaches, we now wait and see if Boone and Davis show up on day one of training camp. I don't expect them there to kick it off, but you never know what might change between now and then. Especially for Davis.

Aldon Smith sentenced for DUI/gun charges

The 49ers OLB was scheduled to be sentenced on July 25, but the date was moved up a week due to a family emergency for the prosecutor. The judge heard last words from both sides, and then handed down a sentence that is fairly reasonable compared to similar situations. Smith got 12 days jail time (with a 1-day credit to knock it to 11), which he can serve on a weekly work crew, likely picking up trash along the highway. That work crew can start Monday, July 28. He also received 3 years probation, during which time he cannot possess guns or ammunition, and cannot purchase liquor, or even go into a liquor store. Finally, he was fined $2,000 and has to do 235 hours of community service.

Now, Aldon waits to hear from the NFL. Mike Garafolo reported the 49ers were expecting a 4-6 week suspension. Roger Goodell has indicated he will factor in Smith's time in rehab, but my guess is it is not a 1-to-1 comparison. My guess is we hear something in the next four or five weeks before the regular season gets here. I suppose Goodell could wait into the season, but that would seem a little odd.

Levi's Stadium ribbon cutting

The 49ers officially cut the ribbon to open up Levi's Stadium. It was a festive environment, and we had pictures and video for you. Additionally, Roger Goodell was there, and naturally he stepped into it in discussing the Raiders and Levi's Stadium. I don't expect anything to happen anytime soon, but it is at least on the NFL's radar.

James Garner passed away

This happened over the weekend. He was actually a Raiders fan, but Jim Harbaugh loved Rockford Files. In fact, when he went on KNBR each week this past season for his weekly show, they brought him on to the theme song. It was great stuff. RIP James Garner. Here's the full theme song.