Niners Nation 2014 season fitness challenge.

Football is almost here folks, and for some that means several days a week sitting for hours and consuming large amounts of alcohol and junk food. Watch any football game and there is a good chance you will see out of shape, overweight people.

The football players we like to cheer for are some of the most fit people in the world, so why do so many that watch them have to be some of the least? Shouldn't we do something to keep ourselves at least somewhat fit? I'm not going to harp health, i want you to eat those gameday burgers and wings, but i want us to earn them.

Football is a weekly sport. Conveniently, so are many workout programs. Let us use football season as a tool to reach our fitness goals. Lest i remind you that football season happens during a handful of American indulgence holidays, and there is even more reason to burn some calories.

I challenge Niners Nation members to come up with a fitness goal for the season and go for it. Whether it be training and completing a challenging race, bench pressing a certain amount, losing weight, getting six pack abs (no burgers or wings for you), etc. As the 49ers embark on another year of entertaining us with their play, what will you do to to be the most fit football blog on SB Nation? Whatever it is, leave your goal in the comments, and your plan to accomplish your goal. What food are you going to earn on game days?

My goal is to run the Desert Classic Marathon 1/31/15. This is my second marathon, and first since 2011. My 24 week training program will begin August 16, and my distance runs will be Sunday mornings before 49ers games. The week after the marathon is Superbowl Sunday, and i hope to be celebrating both my marathon and a 49ers Superbowl victory.


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