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Golden Nuggets: 3 More Days

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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet

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Training camp will finally get started on Thursday. With camp looming, some interesting battles will take place for the few spots on the team that are not necessarily secured. The biggest battle would seem to be the cornerback battle. While Brock seems assured of his place, the other CB position is up for grabs. Culliver seems to be the leader of the pack, but not a surefire starter. He will have to fight to earn the spot. Another spot on the defense up for grabs at this moment is the ILB spot usually occupied by Bowman. With NaVorro out for a good part of the season, someone will have to earn the spot next to All Pro Patrick Willis. Wilhoite is probably the leader of the group due to the fact that he filled in well when Willis was out injured. But Borland, Skov and others could be worthy contenders for that spot.

On the offensive side of the ball, the battles don't seem to be as intense. One good battle will be who is the primary backup for Frank Gore. Hunter, Lattimore, and Hyde all bring something to the table and all could do well in the spot. Another thing to watch for is how Vance McDonald does during training camp. With Vernon Davis holding out, McDonald will be in the spotlight and will want to prove he can be a dangerous weapon for the offense. It should be fun to see how these battles turn out.

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