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Jamaal Charles might hold out; Welcome to the club, KC!

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The Kansas City Chiefs might have an issue on their hands, as Jamaal Charles might hold out from training camp.

Jamie Squire

The San Francisco 49ers are not the only team dealing with potential holdouts. As the 49ers veterans get ready to report on Wednesday, and we potentially get an update on the status of Vernon Davis and Alex Boone, the Kansas City Chiefs are dealing with their own potential holdout. A Kansas City reporter has said that running back Jamaal Charles plans to hold out from Chiefs training camp.

From the various reports coming in (see the link above), it sounds like the Chiefs knew this would potentially be an issue, and they have already been discussing a contract with Charles. Ian Rapoport tweeted that Charles was in attendance throughout the offseason workout program. This is looking a little closer to a Joe Staley type of deal than an Alex Boone type of deal. Staley did not hold out, instead reporting for all offseason workouts. Boone has stayed home from everything, and we'll find out Wednesday if he will be absent from the start of training camp.

Based on what we're seeing, it is possible the two sides are getting close, and Charles is simply trying to apply one last bit of leverage to get a deal done. Like the 49ers, Chiefs veterans are reporting on Wednesday with their first practice on Thursday, so they'll get a better idea of things fairly soon.

The 49ers host the Chiefs in Week 5. I would imagine this Charles deal gets done fairly soon, and he is back on the field in time for some preseason action, if not the entire preseason. The same cannot necessarily be said about the Alex Boone and Vernon Davis situations. Davis seems a lot more likely to report sooner rather than later. Boone seems entrenched in his position, and I really have no idea when to expect him back.

Or even if to expect him back. If this drags on, do the 49ers try and trade him? Maybe find a team looking for offensive line help and willing to give Boone an extension, and make that deal?