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Justin Smith wears a 'Sack Francisco' t-shirt

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Justin Smith arrived to 49ers training camp with a great t-shirt, and apparently as healthy as he has been since 2012.

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Justin Smith was among the many San Francisco 49ers veterans who reported to training camp today, but I doubt any of them had a t-shirt quite as awesome as Smith. Smith met with the media while wearing this shirt:

I'd imagine that t-shirt was commissioned by the defensive line, but if anybody sees it, that is definitely worth a purchase. Of course, the other highlight might be that he's wearing a hat that says Rick's Furniture Complete Home Furnishing. Considering he's a guy with a Budweiser tattoo, I suppose none of this is surprising. A year ago, we saw him sporting a Rhino 75 hat.

Smith actually had some interesting comments during his media session. He said he suffered a shoulder injury during last year's training camp, and did not get it surgically repaired until after the season. Smith did not have a spectacular 2013, but it was solid enough. If he can actually stay healthy for the first time since tearing his triceps muscle in 2012, maybe we see a bit more of a bounce-back season.

Of course, the best way to keep him healthy will probably involve a more significant rotation of reserves. Tony Jerod-Eddie and Demarcus Dobbs did solid work last season, but now they welcome Tank Carradine and Quinton Dial to the mix. If Ian Williams can get back to 100 percent, suddenly the depth along this line is pretty ridiculous. Justin Smith may be past the days when he was one of the most dominating defensive lineman in the league, but the 49ers defensive line as a whole is in a position to potentially be dominant once again.