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Vernon Davis has created a new super hero, Captain Torpedo

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So, umm, yea...Vernon Davis tweeted out something a little odd. Any thoughts on what it means?

Thearon W. Henderson

Wednesday morning, San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis reported to training camp, ending what might have turned into a cantankerous holdout. However, after skipping mandatory minicamp, Davis decided he had done all he could, and returned in time for the start of training camp.

The whole holdout situation has been odd, but for the moment, it's behind us. If he does not get a new deal, I suppose this will come back up again next season, but for now, it's off the front burner.

Upon returning, Davis shot out what can only be described as a pretty weird tweet:

Does anybody have any idea what this means? I don't have the first clue, and figured I would open the door for guesses from everybody here.

I suppose it is possible it has something to do with planned touchdown celebrations. Rule changes will not allow for dunks, jump shots, or layups using the goal posts, so Davis will have to come up with something new. Maybe somehow Captain Torpedo fits into this? Or it's just a weird tweet from a guy who can be a little bit all over the place at times.

Any thoughts?