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49ers training camp: Day 2 practice gets underway

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The San Francisco 49ers are back for their second practice session of training camp. We've got a Twitter list to follow, and an open thread.

@49ers on Twitter

The San Francisco 49ers are back for day two of at training camp, which means another day of work to overanalyze! The session again starts at 2:30 p.m. PT, and it should once again be in the two hour range. I've posted the media Twitter list down below, so you can follow along there. They will have practice recaps out sometime in the 5pm hour, and James will be handling the compilation.

For day two, we'll continue to keep an eye on depth chart action, but the real thing to start following is how people perform after a good or bad day. The quarterbacks were reportedly a little rusty overall. They made some plays, but the practice reports read as though it was the first day back, which of course, it was. On the other side, will Jimmie Ward and Vance McDonald, among many others, build on what was viewed as a strong day 1? It all builds that narrative as we move along.