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Kendall Hunter suffered torn ACL

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The San Francisco 49ers announced to the media that Kendall Hunter suffered a torn ACL. That officially means more practice work for Carlos Hyde, LaMichael James, and Jewel Hampton.

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Fooch's Update #2: Matt Maiocco says the 49ers confirmed it was a torn ACL

Fooch's Update: And the news is bad - Site decorum is off for this thread

Friday afternoon, San Francisco 49ers running back Kendall Hunter suffered a non-contact injury which saw his knee buckle while trying to make a move on Perrish Cox. He was able to walk off the field under his own power, but reports indicate the team did not like the way it looked. Ed Werder tweeted this out earlier this morning:

That was followed by this tweet from Ian Rapoport:

According to Matt Maiocco, Hunter was scheduled to undergo an MRI Friday evening. However, Matt Barrows said the typical procedure would be to let any swelling subside, and then conduct the MRI today. Whenever the MRI was set to occur, Rapoport's tweet would seem to indicate it is done, and now the 49ers wait for whatever results there might be. The team generally will not release any official word on an injury, but it will leak out eventually.

Greg Roman is scheduled to speak to the media on Saturday, and Jim Harbaugh is scheduled to speak on Sunday. I'd imagine both will get a question about Hunter's knee. Roman will likely defer to the trainers. Harbaugh might do something similar, although if they get good news from the MRI, he might say something about dodging a bullet. Hopefully that is the case, but we'll wait and see.

In the meantime, Carlos Hyde will get plenty of carries behind Frank Gore in practice on Saturday. Marcus Lattimore remains on the NFI list, and I'd imagine we won't see Hunter practicing. That leaves Hyde, LaMichael James, and Jewel Hampton. All three likely will get some work behind Gore until we get a better handle on Hunter's situation.