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Patrick Willis, Russell Wilson release dueling Duracell commercials

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Duracell came up with a pair of commercials featuring Patrick Willis and Russell Wilson. They're pretty cool. Give them a watch.

We may not be fans of the Seattle Seahawks, but the 49ers-Seahawks rivalry has helped create some impressive moments. The rivalry has produced some great games, but it also is producing some fun off-field content as well. Earlier today, Duracell released a pair of commercials to build on this rivalry.

Patrick Willis and Russell Wilson both do endorsement deals with Duracell. In having two players from what is currently the best rivalry in the NFL, Duracell can do some pretty cool things. The best example is these two commercials. Patrick Willis is the focus of the commercial above, and Russell Wilson is the focus of the commercial below. The commercials promoting Duracell batteries as part of the communication between a coordinator and his players.

In the Willis commercial, we see the 49ers defense on their own goal line, defending the driving Seahawks. Vic Fangio calls in a play, and then calls for an abort right before the snap. The commercial has some accuracy issues, but it is still a fun one to watch. Vic Fangio operates from the booth upstairs, and I don't believe he would still have a connection to Willis that close to the snap. I could be wrong on the latter part.

In the Wilson commercial, the Seahawks offensive coordinator calls in a play, and then has a last second message about a blitz. Again, I'm pretty sure the OC would have been cut off well before the snap, but again, it's still a cool commercial.

Both commercials end with Willis diving to tackle Wilson as he is breaking for the goal line. We don't see the result of the play, which works fine for me. It's more about the build-up in what I think is a great pair of commercials.