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Niners Nation Podcast: Training Camp Vol. 1

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Tre welcomes Michael Andrews to talk about the stories from the first four days of 49ers training camp.

I hope you're ready.

The Niners Nation Podcast is about to smack you in the mouth like a Mike Singletary nutcracker drill or sideline tirade. We want winners, and we'll de-pants ourselves in the locker room to get them.

Seriously, the show is back and expect more of them. I'm waking up from my off-season fog, or maybe I licked an off-season frog, like, from the Amazon. Whatever the case, it's clear I'm delirious.

This week we're joined by Michael Andrews of to discuss the stories coming out of 49ers training camp. We'll touch on LaMichael James, Alex Boone, Mike Iupati, Michael Crabtree, and more.

Sit back and strap on the headphones, or crank up the volume in your car. It's on.

Listen here via the player above, or as always, search us on iTunes or the podcast app of your choice by choosing "NinersNation" with NO SPACES.