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Vernon Davis's Captain Torpedo thing continues with movie scene

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Last week, shortly after returning to training camp, San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis tweeted out something about being a new superhero called Captain Torpedo. It was rather baffling, but we're starting to get more details. Above you can see a "leaked scene" from what appears to be some kind of movie. This followed a Monday tweet of this movie poster:

The movie poster listed French Mustache Production as the production company. If you go to, you'll see that it is a comedy production company. If you google French Mustache, you might want to stay away from the Urban Dictionary definition.

From all this, it would seem to be some kind of comedy film that Vernon is involved in. French Mustache has a channel on Funny or Die, so my guess is it is not an overly in depth production, but rather, something a little bit shorter. There is also a website for Captain Torpedo, that includes a picture from the shoot of the scene.

The whole thing is a bit odd, but hey, Vernon is going to do what is good for Vernon's brand. That would apparently involve some random comedy short film. Vernon's a bit of an odd dude, but more power to him.