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Michael Crabtree debuts 'It's On' commercial

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While San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is probably the most prominent member of the team in endorsements, other players have their share. Patrick Willis is notable as well, particular for his Duracell commercials. And today we've got a Michael Crabtree commercial.

I have not seen a ton of Crabtree endorsement deals, but we do know he is a prominent member of the Jordan brand. He bought Jordan brand sweatsuits for members of the team (I can't remember how many exactly), and he is frequently sporting Jordan brand gear.

The commercial above was released a couple days ago, and would appear to be for the Jordan brand. There is never an explicit mention of the Jordan brand, but considering the logo is front and center at the end of the commercial, I'd imagine it is a basic promotion for the brand.

It's a pretty intense commercial, focusing on Crabtree's workouts. Early on we see him shaking the heavy ropes. Is that for upper body strength, or something else? I've always wondered what a player gets from that particular workout. Whatever the reason, the video features an intense workout session. We know he's going to put in the work, given how quickly he rehabbed his torn Achilles, so this type of workout is not at all surprising.