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Aldon Smith down in LA to wrap up LAX incident

Aldon Smith will miss the 49ers Wednesday practice session while he finishes up some business in LA. He has an administrative hearing regarding the LAX incident, at which point this should be in the rear view mirror.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Fooch's Update: Sounds like LAX is a wrap

Aldon Smith is not in attendance at the San Francisco 49ers Wednesday practice session, but is instead down in Los Angeles wrapping up the LAX incident. Jim Harbaugh mentioned that Smith was going through a process, and based on what we've heard to date, it's an administrative hearing.

Back on July 1, the Los Angeles City Attorney announced they would not file charges against Smith for his reported fake bomb threat. Instead, a hearing was scheduled for July 30, today, at which point the City Attorney's office would address the matter with the parties involved. The hearing was described as follows:

"The individuals are then admonished about the applicable laws and given suggestions on how to avoid similar incidents in the future," Mateljan said via email. "While the City Attorney reserves the right to file charges up to one year following the incident, no further action is scheduled beyond the office hearing."

Various media have since confirmed Smith is down in LA, so that should just about wrap up the LAX incident. As the City Attorney's office pointed out, they reserve the right to press charges for up to one year, but I'd imagine that would only happen if Smith had a similar run-in with them during that time.

For now, all indications are that Aldon Smith is focused and moving forward. Taking things "day to day" is a regular cliche in the sports world, but it really does apply in a situation like this. Smith does not need to be looking two, three, or 100 steps down the road. He just needs to take it one day at a time.