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Check out some video from 49ers training camp practices over the last week

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The San Francisco 49ers are a week into training camp. Here are some videos beat writer Cam Inman has shot.

Cam Inman

The San Francisco 49ers beat writers have a very solid social media presence, which leads to some solid pictures and videos. They're all solid on Twitter, but one thing I have come to enjoy is the video San Jose Mercury News 49ers beat writer Cam Inman puts together on Tout.

If you go to Cam's Tout page, he has posted quite a bit of short video from the 49ers practice sessions this summer. I thought I'd share some, but I'd also recommend bookmarking his Tout page, or "following" him if you are on the site frequently. If you're on Twitter, he tweets out some but not all of the video. Additionally, he posts a lot of pictures to Instagram, so you can follow him there as well.

Jim Harbaugh, Geep Chryst working with quarterbacks

Jim Tomsula instructing defensive line during drill

Eric Reid showing off his backpedal and ball skills

Head over to Cam Inman's Tout page, and give the others a watch.